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Immigration Law

Our Immigration lawyers understand that Immigration law is complex and requires the guidance of experienced professionals who are equipped with the knowledge necessary to help you get ‘green card’, citizenship, stop deportation, and apply for various U.S visas. 

Legal pathways to permanent residency (green card), citizenship and temporary visas are available, but only a skilled Immigration Attorney can safely navigate the bureaucratic process and ensure that your best interests are not strangled by red tapes. 

Wanjohi & Muli Law firm PLLC offers full-service representation in U.S. immigration and Naturalization Law. Our Immigration attorneys have a lot of wealth of experience in the following immigration related fields: 

·       Legal Permanent Residence “ Green Card” application process( Family based and employment based)

·       Deportation or Removal defence

·       Asylum applications

·       Nonimmigrant Visas for Professionals, Skilled Workers, Students and Visitors

·       Visa extension

·       Student visa applications

·       Citizenship (Naturalization Applications)

·       K-1 Visas for Fiancée of U.S Citizens

·       PERM and Labor Certifications

·       E-2 Treaty Investor Visas

·       J-1 Visa waivers

·       Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Our Raleigh based Immigration attorneys also practice as immigration lawyers in Boston, Dallas, Washington DC and Seattle Washington.


Green Card through Family Immigration 
Our firm has successfully represented many non-citizens acquire green-card through marriage and other family relationships.  
Intending Immigrants who apply for a green card through marriage to a U.S Citizen or other immediate family members must go through an extensive and rigorous process. This process may involve adjustment of status with USCIS for individuals already in the United States or through Consular processing for those outside United States. In some cases adjustment of status is done through Immigration court system. There are various categories of family based immigration;-
i)               Spouses, parents and Children of United States Citizens. Children may include step-child or adopted child
ii)             Spouses and children of Green Card holders
iii)            Sons and daughters of United States citizens, married and unmarried ( over 21 years)
iv)             Brothers and sisters of United States citizens. 
The USCIS is very meticulous in adjudicating any application made on behalf of loved ones. As such, there is no room for errors as a simple error can be very costly in terms of non-refundable application fees or being subjected to the intimidating and sometimes emotional deportation/removal process. Based on this serious nature of possibly losing your hard earned dollars or exposing your loved one to Deportaion/Removal proceedings, you should seek the advice of an experienced, reliable, compassionate and understanding immigration attorney who will relate with your need for unity with a loved one in the most efficient and less costly manner. 

Adjustment of Status based on marriage to a United States citizen is a category that is strictly reviewed by the USCIS to determine that there is no fraud involved in that marital union. You therefore need an experienced attorney who will guide you of the right procedures in the entire process of your application and accompany you to a green card interview at USCIS. The U.S citizen has the burden to proof that the marriage is bona fide and not entered solely for immigration benefits. An intending immigrant likewise has the burden to proof eligibility to become a Legal Permanent Resident. The application process will at one point involve a very intimidating adjustment of status interview before a USCIS officer who is very well trained in ascertaining that the marital union is bona fide and the intending immigrant is eligible to get Green card. Sometimes, these interviews can be very extensive and the officer may even decide to question the couple separately on their marital union, shared lives and shared residency. It is therefore paramount that the couple is well advised on how to make the entire process flawless. 

For other categories, the process can take a lot of time before a decision is rendered. Sometimes it can be very depressing to wait for several years only for you to receive a denial decision. A petitioner thus needs to consult an experienced immigration attorney to ensure that in case of any wait, it is a worthy wait, you don’t want to wait for many years only to hear your petition is denied because you ticked the wrong section in the application forms or you failed to provide a single document which was all along in your possession. 


VAWA- Self Petition 
Abused spouse of United States Citizens or Legal Permanent Residents should take solace in the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and do a self-petition as an abused spouse and eventually get a green card without involving their abusive spouse. The law allows a battered spouse who meets certain conditions to apply for green card on her own. The abused spouse must proof a real marriage to a Citizen or green card holder; proof of abuse suffered at the hands of the Citizen or Green card holder and must be of good moral character. Our firm’s immigration attorneys are very experienced in securing a Prima Facie determination leading to approval of the Self Petition (Form I-360) and the eventual application for green card. 

Removal of Conditional Permanent Residence for Abused Spouses

There are times when a non-citizen is abused after getting the initial two year green card (Conditional Permanent Residency). In such cases, you can contact us and get advice on how to file for a 10 year green card (Removal of Conditions on Permanent Residence Form I-751) without involving your abusive spouse.  

Deportation and Removal Defence

 Until you become a United States Citizen, you can be placed in removal or deportation proceedings and the United States government can initiate the process to take you back to your country of origin. Any individual: undocumented persons, legal non-immigrants, non-immigrants with visa overstays or violations as well as Legal Permanent Residents (Green Card holders) can be placed in removal proceedings (deportation) for several reasons, among the most common being :
 i)    Illegal or fraudulent entry

ii)  Unauthorized stay (visa overstay or violating your status.) 

iii)  Employment without authorization 

v)             Conviction of certain crimes, whether felonies or misdemeanours. 
 If at any time, you are out of status or fall under the above listed categories it is important you consult an experienced immigration attorney who practices removal/deportation defence. If any non-United States citizen is charged with any criminal offense, it is critical to immediately inform your criminal defense attorney that you are not a U.S Citizen and at the same time consult an experienced immigration lawyer to know the immigration consequences of any conviction you may get. 
 If you or a loved one is in removal proceedings or you are at a risk of being placed in removal proceedings, you might have some forms of legal reliefs available to you. Such may include, Asylum, withholding of removal or deferred removal, cancellation of removal, adjustment of status, reinstatement of your status, and voluntary departure. Depending on your specific circumstances, your case may also be administratively closed through prosecutorial discretion. 
 These reliefs may at times be very challenging to an ordinary person and one should therefore seek assistance from an experienced attorney.

US Citizenship Act 2021

President Joe Biden has proposed comprehensive changes to the Immigration Law. If the US Congress passes the US Citizenship Act, 2021 as it is presently proposed, a wide range of non-citizens will have their immigration status in the United States. Though the Law has not been changed, this is the best time to contact experienced immigration attorney to learn what preparation, if any, you need to do.



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